SMA is a school which was the focal point of the founding of Sorret in LY 271. In the centuries since that time, it has expanded into a larger campus; the most recent of these expansions was completed in 780, during the reign of Grand Sorreter Cazzul. The school is run by the Council of Magicks. It is at this Academy that master-adept Sorreters train apprentices in the use of magic. However, there are more traditional subjects taught there, as well, both in the interests of providing apprentices with a well-rounded education, and as prerequisites to the learning of certain types of spells.

It should be noted that while an aspiring Sorreter is technically apprenticed to a single master, he or she may also attend classes which are taught by any number of different masters (not all of them Sorreters, themselves, depending on the subject being taught). It should also be noted that not all lessons are necessarily taught within classrooms or labs. And that it is not uncommon for a master who has several apprentices at a time, who may have each begun their training in different years, to teach them all together. Though the more advanced students may receive individual instruction from their masters, all students learn at their own pace, and some who have been studying for a shorter period may even catch up to or surpass those who have been studying longer. It is also deemed important to periodically refresh certain lessons, even basic ones, to make sure students retain their grasp of material which has already been covered (as forgetting precise details could prove disastrous when performing some spells). It is also deemed important for apprentices to engage in social interaction with their fellow students, as part of normal childhood development, as well as using healthy academic competition to inspire one another to achieve their best. It is therefore possible that some students who have been apprenticed to a master for longer than others to end up working on the same assignments as those who have more recently begun their apprenticeships.

To a certain extent, the schools which began providing concentrated traditional educations to non-Sorreter students around The Land in 904 were based on SMA, though these newer schools tend to be a more structured setting than the magic academy, with more regular schedules and less frequent (if any) "field studies." Such schools also generally do not provide a single predominant master for any one student, at least during primary education. However, some universities more closely resemble the structure of SMA, with a primary master teaching a specific trade, as well as more generalized masters teaching various subjects.