In LY 912, following the Chaos War, the leaders of The Chaos proposed a truce with King-elect Quinn Darkstrider, in which they would recognize the authority of the government of the Second Order, and signed a nonaggression pact which would be in effect through Election Day of the following year (8 Su'yet, 913). The Chaos and Darkstrider agreed that in that election, there would be a referendum by which the people of each village on The Land could vote to either remain in the Second Order, secede and become sovereign, or secede and form a new country, the United Villages of the Chaos. If all villages voted to remain in the Order, the Chaos would be disbanded, and its members agree to give up all thought of ever again attempting rebellion or inciting secession. The referendum also included the provisional election of Darius Lonewander, Alecstar Inco, and Vallus Orator as the new country's first three triumvirs, subject to reelection in 914.

The results of the Referendum were that Triscot, Plist, Jump Village, and Tanq voted to secede and form the UVC. Sorret and West Ocean voted for sovereignty. All other villages, and First Sea, voted to remain within the Second Order.