Human male, born LY 246, in First Village. Died 302, in Sorret. Rancher and Grand Sorreter (282-302).

It was Murray who first conceived of the possibility of human beings learning to utilize natural laws of the Universe which were as yet unknown to Landian science, in order to do things which would appear as magic. He shared this idea with his friend Jess one day in early 270, and together they went to a spirit-talker named Sol to ask if it would be possible, and allowable. About a week later, after talking with various spirits, Sol told them it would be. So, the three of them gathered a group of settlers from both First Village and Tonad, and in 271, they settled the Land's third village, Sorret. There they studied magic with the help of spirits, as well as developing a hierarchy. Those who practiced magic would be called Sorreters, and the head of the hierarchy would be known as the Grand Sorreter. Sol became the first Grand Sorreter, in 272. Until they began studying magic, neither Murray nor Jess had been spirit-talkers, but it became necessary for them to become so in order to learn magic. However, because they never thought of themselves as religious guides in any way, they didn't really think of themselves as spirit-talkers, per se, in spite of spending the latter part of their lives talking with many spirits.

Sol died in 281, and the following year, Murray became the second Grand Sorreter. (It became a tradition not to officially assume the position until the year after the preceding Grand Sorreter vacated the position, whether because of death or retirement or any other reason, with very few exceptions.) It also became a requirement that, whether or not a Grand Sorreter selected someone to succeed him or her, any new Grand Sorreter would have to be approved by the Council of Magicks. They would also be required to have developed their own original spell. Murray was the first to do so. One of the earliest spells learned by the first generation of Sorreters, in 271, was divination. In 275, they also learned a spell of summoning, which at first was cast upon animals such as striders, when they were within the spell caster's line of sight. However, a bit later that same year, Murray thought to combine summoning with divination, to create a more complex spell which he called conjuration. (However, it should be noted that many years later, after the development of translocation in 766, this new spell which had been developed by Cazzul was combined with divination, thus redefining conjuration, when dealing with inanimate objects as opposed to living ones.) See List of spells.

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