First Village is the first village founded on the Land, in LY 1* (named in LY 117). It is situated on First Land at roughly 3° north latitude and 112° west longitude. Its population as of the 905 census was 61,301 humans and 459 elves. It is bordered to the north by the First River Mountains, to the east by First River, and to the south by First River Forest. Its first Chief Councillor was Augustus Saltman (905-907, 908-910, 911-913).

  • Actually, First Village cannot be said to have been "founded," in the same sense as the Land's subsequent villages. Its geographic location is the general area where God created Connor and Brigid in LY 1, and where subsequent generations have been born and raised. Over the years, any number of houses and other buildings and streets were built, and a community was established. However, it was not until LY 117 that anyone began to think of the place where everyone lived as a "village" in the sense that we have today. They did, however, know that in the future there would be other such settlements, and therefore chose to give the original one the name "First Village." (For a more detailed account of events leading to the decision to give the village a name, see Currency of the Land.)

Upon the founding of the Second Order in 904, First Village was the only choice in anyone's mind to become the capital of the Land's first country. It is here that all three branches of the World Council were established, as well as the headquarters of InterVil. The village also contains headquarters for various non-governmental organizations such as the World Science Council (founded in 437). It also is the home of one of the country's three coin mints, the other two being in Tonad and Kimrin. The village has always been the center of civilization, now more so than ever.

People who live in First Village are referred to as "First Villagers."

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